How to purchase Huntsville Homes below market value

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How to buy Huntsville homes (or any area) below market value?

I really want to purchase a huntsville investment property right now. I have the extra cash and want to put it into something a little more solid than the stock market.


I see homes valued at say $ 100,000 that are for sale at $ 100,000. How do I get that price down? What is the point in buying a home as an investment for exactly what it is worth? What happened to the “you make your money when you buy the home”? It’s kind of frustrating to keep looking at houses and being pushed to buy a house just because I can afford the monthly payments.

Tips? I want to rent these out, not flip the houses.


Good Question!

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The Answer:
Call Darin, 801-888-1800, no one technique is a cure-all but an experienced Realtor has the art of negotiating, which is what is needed in all real estate transactions.

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