Ogden Valley Real Estate Buyers Don't Get Ripped Off By Your Lender

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Wanna know a secret?
So many buyers are being given loans by lenders who do not have the ability to provide the loan they initially present. 


What do you do?
Insist on a lock-in letter! This assures you the loan is real and that you actually qualify for it. 

If you request a lock-in letter and they do not provide one immediately, RUN as fast as you can.  It doesn't matter what the excuse or reason is, one lie leads to another.  No lock-in letter should mean no business.

Lock in letters are free of charge and guarantee that you will close escrow with the interest rate and terms of the loan that was presented to you initially by your lender.

Don't get caught in this bait and switch game by an unethical lender!

Wanna know more? 
With almost a quarter of a century worth of real estate experience, man ... that makes me sound old ... but I am chocked full of some good info.  Give me a call 801-888-1800

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